XHAREit: Share Files Superfast

Share Files Anywhere & Anytime In A Flash

Meet your secure, easy, and fast sharing needs. Transfer your apps, pictures, music as well as bulky files offline without compromising on quality.

Compatible with: OS Version 5.0 and above

How It Works

XHAREit is a file transfer tool that works without connecting to the internet. Its cutting-edge QR code technology lets you quickly share files in one go with your friends. The best part is you do not have to spend a single penny to experience this super convenient file sharing experience. Make your file transfer experience as easy and quick as it should be.

Share Files Offline

With XHAREit, you can share files using Quick Response or QR code technology. It can transfer your precious data free of network connection, internet, or mobile data.

It's simple and intuitive UI sorts all your files into various categories i.e. Apps, Audio, Photos, and Videos. This sorting makes it super easy for you to find your files and share them. XHAREit is designed to provide its users with a highly secure and seamless file transfer experience.

How You Can Send Files?

Unlike other clumsy file sharing apps, XHAREit does not ask its users to log in and spend hours for setup. For Android file transfer, you just need to download the app and start sending your files in 3 quick steps:-

  • Choose the apps, audio, photos, and videos you want to share.
  • Click SEND FILE(S) and Generate the QR code by following the instructions in the app.
  • Connect with the receiver and start sending.
How You Can Receive Files?

XHAREit ensures that your file receiving experience is quick, easy, and internet-free. It lets you receive bulk files in high quality absolutely free. You can receive desired files in 2 easy and quick steps:-

  • Go to the home screen and toggle the arrow on RECEIVE.
  • Align the frame with the QR code present on the screen of the Sender device.

That’s it! Your work is done. You will start receiving the files.

Free and Quick P2P File Sharing Tool

XHAREit allows bulk file transfer between two users using a QR code. This free file transfer experience comes at ultimate speed and end-to-end encryption. XHAREit facilitates sharing of apps, music, audio, and videos of any size wirelessly as well as without internet.

Compatible with: OS Version 5.0 and above

01 Phenomenal Compatibility

With XHAREit, you can share files from one Android smartphone to another irrespective of its brand. It lets you share files of any type and size conveniently.

02 Flash speed

Share your files at a lightning-fast speed. XHAREit lets you share files much faster than Bluetooth and that too without an internet connection.

03 Free and Secure File Transfer

You do not need to empty your pockets to share your precious data. Share it free of cost with XHAREit. Rest assured, your data is safe with us!

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